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​Color Trends for 2021 Released

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2021

And it's not Grey! Yippi! Every year a handful of elite New York influencers get together around a magnum of Champaign and select the next “color of the year”, or so we’re told, which we image probably goes something like this…“Margo, my dear, what

48% of homeowners choose the wrong remodeler.

Here's how to improve your odds.

What is more important than client satisfaction? Nothing of course. However, if that is true, then why did a recent Pro Remodeler Magazine national survey show that a whopping 48% of homeowners would not recommend their remodeler to anyone? We assu

Sky Rocketing Lumber Prices Affect Remodeling

Why did this happen and could it affect your remodel?

Source: The National Association of Homebuilders, Chicago Mercantile Exchange commodities index) Lumber Prices Up 80% Since April 2020.  What?!!! It's no joke folks. According to the NAHB, National Association of Home Builders, an unintended an

New Operations VP to Join Murphy Bros. Team

And yes, his last name is Murphy.

"I am happy to announce that my oldest son, Ben Murphy, has made the decision to join the family business as the VP of Operations at Murphy Bros.," said owner John Murphy today. In his new role at Murphy Bros., Ben will be responsible for managing PM’s,

Your Home is More Than a Sanctuary. Now it is EVERYTHING.

If only your home was actually built for “everything.”

Home sweet home. It’s always been a sanctuary, but after months of Covid-19 work from home lock down, it's way more than just that. It's also an office, a studio, a classroom, a cafeteria, a gym, a park, a barbershop, and a spa. It’s suddenly a whole cit

New Designs from Cambria!

Our friends at Cambria have done it again!

14 more designs to choose from! As designers we can’t have enough choices, so this is good news for us. However, we understand homeowners are easily overwhelmed in the selection process be it surfaces, hardware, or illumination—like one more row of

Caring for Mom & Dad in Pandemic Times

Do we bring them home to live with us or keep them safe in their facility?

You might think this is an odd blog for a remodeling company, but not really. Although we’re not in health care, we are all about making people’s lives better by remodeling homes to be more beautiful and functional.

Fighting “Zoom” Fatigue

Tired of the daily videoconference meeting? Join the club!

Zoom Fatigue is Real Most of us have had more meetings in the past three months than we have had in the last 3 years. That alone will make you tired and irritable. But there are some actual psychological reasons why video conferencing from home tak

An Update on Rebuilding Efforts & Remodeling During This Pandemic

This is a personal message from the owner John Murphy for May of 2020

John Murphy shares his optimism and progress in regards to both the rebuilding of the Blaine offices which burned down last May and the continued efforts to serve clients and those making inquiries about remodeling during this pandemic.

New Spring Ceramic Tile Collection

Here's a new bold look to consider in your next remodel

The second most popular project type at Murphy Bros. is the residential bathroom. Be sure to check out our before & after project gallery and let us know if you would like to arrange for a custom virtual online consult with one of our design experts.

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